Your utag! Appointments app

The first application of its kind in organizing marriages, meetings, events and appointments, and also your utag has a special service to call your invitees by phone before the appointment and remind them of the appointment. #Utag_with_along

VIP service

We call your guests to remind them of your wedding, event or meeting and all the details of your appointment

Wedding and event cards design

Design and send cards for weddings and events to your invitees with ease

QR code service

We send and receive your guests for your wedding or event through QR code

We care about providing the best for you

What does your utag app offer you?

Reminders of appointments via notifications

You will receive notifications reminding you of the appointment days and hours in advance with your secretary, you will not miss your appointments

Remind guests by phone ahead of time

The phone call service saves you the time and effort of reminding your invitees yourself, your secretary gives you customizations for this service such as determining the gender of the callers to your invitees, whether male or female, and specifying the method of receiving the communication report via WhatsApp or e-mail

Increase your customer base to serve you

Increase your customers through advertisements, it will help you make the right decision at the right price

Sharing and inviting events and meetings

With ease, you will send an appointment for your event or meeting to all the invitees and the application will remember and follow up on the invitees so that they do not forget your appointment

Search for services

With ease, you can reach companies and individuals who offer their services (such as (renting halls for events, meetings and rest houses) and anything related to them such as flower shops and organizing partiess.

Time Management

We will help you organize your time and appointments with ease and make your life organized

What is UTAG?

In this video, you will learn about UTAG, how to use it, and how to activate it.

Screenshots of the app


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